Manufacturing types of our wigs



Tress wigs

Tress wigs can be manufactured within a comparably short amount of time and to a small expend. This way we're able to offer good value, a huge variety of up to date, stylish wigs in different lengths, made of synthetic and real hair – we are also able to produce costume made wigs in a short amount of time. These wigs are made by firmly sewing the cut hair on slim bands – also referred to as tresses. The tresses are then sewn to the prefabricated hairnet. These wigs really do look great. You won't be able to spot a difference between more elaborately made wigs with a full or partial monofilament. Only experienced wig users will be able to spot the difference – and also they would have to look close. Wigs with a full monofilament definitely feel more comfortable in comparison to tress wigs – but this should only influence your purchase decision, if you wear wigs for a long duration of time or don't have natural hair anymore, since these wigs are quite a bit more expensive. But even when buying a tress wig, you'll be able to create a comparable and less expensive wearing comfort by using a hair net or wig cap, which covers your head and prevents the tresses to irritate your scalp.

The different tress wigs in our assortment also vary in material, manufacturing und price. The difference between our party wigs, made for carnival and parties, and our higher quality tress wigs made for men and women for every day life, are clearly visible just comparing at the fibers. But there is also a difference in the hair nets: the tresses can vary in density and how close they are sewn to each other.

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quality wigsExample photo: tress quality wigs

tress carnival wigsExample photo: tress carnival wigs


Tress wig with artificial scalp

We also offer a large assortment of tress wigs with an artificial scalp for women and men. The artificial scalp is a skin coloured, flat piece of silicon with sewn-on hair, starting at the parting – these wigs for women and men don't differ in quality in comparison to normal tress wigs though, the use of the artificial scalp is more a question of a different wig styles. For example: If you're looking for a flat, clearly defined middle parting, you'd choose a wig with artificial scalp. If you want backcombed hair without a clearly defined parting, there is no use for a silicon scalp piece.

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Wigs with artificial scalpExample photo: Wigs with artificial scalp


Wigs with monofilament / mono / 100 % hand made

Wigs with a monofilament (or mono, for short) are made by hand, hair by hair tied to a fine, but long lasting lace fabric. This way of manufacturing doesn't just require high quality workmanship, since the hair is not just sewn by machine to the lace – of course it's also very time intense. This explains the expensive price for monofilament wigs. At the same time you'll also get a higher wearing comfort and a more natural look: Monofilament wigs are lighter than tress wigs with a comparable length and volume. The lace sits smoothly on your scalp and feels more comfortable. Even at places where your scalp is more exposed, like in the parting area and at the hairline, the manufacturing provides an almost perfect illusion of a natural hairline. An effect like this can also be achieved with a partial monofilament/ partial mono or several smaller partial monofilaments.

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Wigs with monofilamentExample photo: Wigs with monofilament


Wigs with partial monofilament/ partial mono

Wigs with a partial monofilament only have a partial amount of the wig made by hand – particular in exposed areas like the hair line and parting. Most of the wig cap has hair sewn on in tresses. The reason to have full mono and partial monofilament lies of course in the price. The size of the hand made parts has a considerable impact on the over all price of the wig. To achieve transparency in our pricing we depict the hand made partial monofilament wigs as best as we can in our photos.


  • Partial-monofilament upper head
  • Partial-monofilament parting
  • Partial-monofilament cowlick

>> Wigs with partial monofilament at the upper head

>> Wigs with partial mono at the parting

Wigs with partial monofilament at the upper head
Example photo: Wigs with partial monofilament at the upper head

Wigs with partial mono at the parting
Example photo: Wigs with partial mono at the parting


Wigs with lace front/ front lace

Lace front wigs are a variation of partial monofilament wigs. Wigs with a lace front have a tulle/lace front covering the hairline to achieve a very natural look. This way of manufacturing is very popular for styles with an open forehead and a visible hairline, as well as more elaborate styles, like voluminously backcombed hair. But don't underestimate the work that will go into cutting the lace perfectly and blending it with your own skin tone. The pricing of a lace front wig is, just as the monofilament wigs, significantly impacted by to the size of the hand-made part. There are fairly inexpensive lace front wigs with hand tied hair only for very few rows and more expensive lace fronts with the hand tied laces covering a big part back from the forehead.

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lace front/ front lace
Example photo: lace front/ front lace


Wigs with lace front and Swiss Lace (French lace, silk top)

Swiss lace (or French lace/ silk top) is used for especially long, voluminous and opulent wigs. The super soft Swiss lace in the upper head area, combined with a lace front, provides an even more comfortable feeling when wearing heavier wigs. The Swiss lace also enables you to style the wig any way you want, since you're able to freely move the strains of hair. With these pieces of Swiss lace, which are mostly around 4x4 inches (or 10x10 cm) sometimes even 4x7 inches, you'll be able to achieve a very natural look and have more styling possibilities compared to a basic lace wig.

>> Wigs with Swiss lace

Swiss lace
Example photo: Swiss lace