Wig Care


_wsb_150x150_PerueckenpflegeHow do I take care of my wigs?

Synthetic wigs need special care to stay beautiful for as long as possible and prevent them from loosing their shine and styling. Synthetic wigs should be washed every 2-3 weeks, when used on a regular basis. Of course caring for synthetic wigs is not as time consuming as taking care of real hair wigs, but you should still know about a couple of things:


Care instruction 1 – What do I need for wig care:

What you'll need: A bowl with lukewarm water, some wig shampoo (or pH-adjusted soap/ baby shampoo). Normal shampoo is mostly complementary to your natural hair and your scalp, including lipogenous ingredients to preserve the shine of your hair. Especially when you wear your wig on a regular bases, you should use special wig care products. These products are made to supply the wigs hair with care substances, since it doesn't get these substances from the scalp. This helps the wig not to look brittle or dull. If you don't want to use special wig care products, you should use shampoo for sensitive hair without any perfumes.


_wsb_150x150_Peruecke-trocknenCare instruction 2 – Washing instructions for wigs:

You should turn the wig inside out to prevent felty hair or shampoo stains. Just add a little shampoo to the lukewarm water and soak the wig for about 10 minutes (don't scrub it). After that turn the wig back to the right side again and carefully free it from hair spray residues. Then carefully cleanse the wig in a bowl of clear water.


Care instruction – Wet wigs:

Wet wigs should never be combed our dried with a hair dryer! If the wig is still wet, leave it to dry on a wig stand, after dabbing it with a towel (do not rub it!). Also don't leave the wig to dry on a heater. After the wig is dry, carefully comb it with a ridge and style it to your own preferences, using your hands to loosen up the wig's hair.


_wsb_150x150_peruecke-stylenCare instruction – Wig styling:

Additional products like conditioner or special wig hair spray can be used to prevent staining the wig with alcohol (which is an ingredient of most normal hair sprays). Especially long haired wigs should be styled daily and need to be cleaned more often than short haired wigs. Carnival or party wigs like our afros should only be styled with your fingers.


Attention: Please also note the care labels included with your wig!